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Avoid disruptions in orders preparation and on-shelf availability, while reducing your costs!

Magma Technology transforms your assets into "smart-assets" to allow you to: 

  • Anticipate transport contingencies by having real-time visibility on your deliveries
  • Drastically reduce your costs and investments in the purchase of logistics assets.
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Anticipate preparation and delivery disruptions of your orders

Quickly anticipate delivery delays and share information in real time with your logistics teams and your end customers.

Avoid picking disruptions due to a shortage of containers in the warehouse.

Effectively measure your service level and SLA compliance.

A precise measurement of your OTIF (On Time In Full) that allows you to improve your service rates.

Evaluate the performance of each of your carriers in full transparency.

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of your orders deliveries are tracked, regardless of the carrier
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reduction of your logistics assets fleet
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of productivity gained
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Digitalize the management of your assets fleet

No more long days of manual inventory. Make your inventories in one click and allow your employees to digitalise their logistics asset management.

Optimise your assets usage and considerably reduce your operating costs.

Optimise your loops with our indicators and prediction algorithms.

Reduce your annual costs and investments in logistic assets purchase.

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