Your assets management

at your fingertips

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Instant inventory

Get an overview of all your assets

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Usage optimisation

Reduce the costs associated with the use of your assets

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Circular economy

Automatically manage your return flows and promote returnable containers for a better ecological impact

Instant inventory

Don't spend any more time looking for your logistics assets. Magma Technology allows you to have an inventory and visualise your fleet in one click.

Carry out a thorough follow-up while optimising your investments.

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Usage optimisation

Magma Technology's indicators give you a clear overview of the usage of your fleet. Thanks to our algorithms, we help you optimise usage, based on accurate data

  • Loops rate measurement
  • Immobility and dormant economic value
  • Loss rate

No more overinvestment! Your investments are based on reliable field data.

Circular economy

We understand concerns about your ecological impact, and we are here to help you implement returnable containers while ensuring complete visibility on return flows.

Magma Technology allows you to automate return flows for the good of the planet and your back office.

illustration isométrique d'un colis utilisé dans la gestion d'équipements